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Tacit Ronin (タシット・ローニン Tassitto rōnin?) is the first Mark-1 Japanese Jaeger, launched December 6, 2015. Tacit Ronin earned a kill count of three Kaiju prior to its destruction.[6]


Early History

Tacit Ronin is the fourth Mark-1 Jaeger produced by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. The Jaeger officially launched December 6, 2015, and was assigned to Tokyo, Japan's Shatterdome alongside Coyote Tango and Echo Saber.[4]

At an undetermined point in time, Kaori and Duc Jessop are assigned to the Jaeger as its pilots.[7]

Tales From The Drift

June 21, 2016

Tacit Ronin is deployed into the Tokyo Bay to fight Itak.[8] Upon the Jaeger's arrival, its ambushed by Itak, who'd been circling the bay prior to their arrival. The attack is severe enough to damage the Jaeger's nuclear reactor and render its pilots unconscious. While Duc and Kaori are unconscious, Itak hesitates long enough for them to recover to resume their fight.

When Tacit Ronin attempts to repeat the motion, Itak grabs its wrist and tears into the armor of its chest, further compromising Duc and Kaori.[8]

Itak tries to force Tacit Ronin into the water and tries to kill the pilots, but they are saved from certain destruction by Coyote Tango, who fights Itak long enough for Tacit Ronin to recover. When Coyote Tango is tossed aside by Itak, Tacit Ronin continues its fight. Charging the Kaiju, Tacit Ronin slices through Itak's chest, splitting it in half.[7]

July 5, 2016

The following battle with Itak left both Tacit Ronin grounded for repairs following a systems overload. When the Category II Kaiju Ragnarok emerges from the Breach, the Jaeger Victory Alpha is sent out in substitution of Coyote Tango and Tacit Ronin.[9]

Despite the efforts of Victory Alpha, it is summarily destroyed by Ragnarok, leaving Tokyo defenseless. On the order of Marshal Hikai, Tacit Ronin is launched from the Shatterdome against Ragnarok.[9] Tacit Ronin's battle against Ragnarok is a brief one. Tacit Ronin is able to slash its upper body before Ragnarok knocks Jaeger back in an attempt to gain the advantage.[10]

Ragnarok tries to tackle Tacit Ronin, forcing it underwater. However, Tacit Ronin maintains its advantage and stabs its blade through the Kaiju's back. Tacit Ronin drives its blade through Ragnarok's chest and splits the Kaiju in half. Kaori and Duc, who suffered injuries to their nervous system when the Pons system overloaded, die from a neural overload following the death of Ragnarok, but Tacit Ronin remains intact.[10]

Pacific Rim

Later Career

Following the death of the Jessop's, Tacit Ronin remained active in combat. At an undetermined point late in the Kaiju War, Tacit Ronin is destroyed. Its body was cut in half[note 1] and its remains were left in the ruins of a city. Following its destruction, what remains of Tacit Ronin is relocated to Oblivion Bay with the rest of the Jaeger Program's decommissioned or destroyed Jaegers.[6]


Tacit Ronin's torso cannons.

Similar to Coyote Tango, Tacit Ronin is lightly armored allowing for greater speed and agility in order to evade Kaiju attacks. Tacit Ronin is powered by a nuclear reactor and is armed with a pair of fang-blades mounted under each wrist, designed for close combat. It is also equipped with additional cannons on its torso.[7]

When not in use, the fangblades retract backward, with the blade tip retreating behind Tacit Ronin's fists. "Cobra Strike" is one of its signature attack moves. Tacit Ronin also has two rear jets along the center of the back, most likely to increase its propulsion for quick bursts, similar to the ones on Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon.

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Tacit Ronin, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Itak 6/21/2016 Tokyo, Japan Coyote Tango
Ragnarok 7/5/2016 Tokyo, Japan Victory Alpha
Unnamed Kaiju Unknown Unknown Solo



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