The following is a list of known discrepancies connected to Tacit Ronin within the Pacific Rim film and external canon.

Known Inconsistencies

  • The Pan Pacific Defense Corps. website contains a .PDF document citing Tacit Ronin's assignment in Lima[1][note 1] and its location being Tokyo, Japan alongside its brethren Jaegers. Travis Beacham states that Tacit Ronin's launch date (2015) conflicts the construction of Lima's Shatterdome which began in 2016.[2]
  • According to Beacham, the Defense Corps. built a Shatterdome in Osaka, Japan in response to Asia's proximity to the breach. Nova Hyperion and Tacit Ronin were said to be stationed there.[3][4] However, he later states he is uncertain that Osaka is the Shatterdome's location.[5]
  • According to Pacific Rim, Cherno Alpha is the heaviest Jaeger, built at 2,412 tons. However, Man, Machines & Monsters cites Tacit Ronin weighing three times more at 7,450 tons.[6]


  1. "In accordance with our subsidiaries and shareholders worldwide we decide that we are willing to divert $19,647,000,000 CLP to speed assembly of Lima Shatterdome, which will host the jaegers Tacit Ronin and the next Mark-2 of Diablo Intercept. This strike group regional will defend the southeastern quadrant Pacific basin, from Medellin to the Patagonia."