Herc Hansen's piloting history before Striker Eureka

According to Travis Beacham during Jaegercon Herc Hansen only had one Jaeger. Travis Beacham: Herc only piloted one Jaeger before Striker Eureka and his first co-pilot was his brother Scott Hansen. But Herc didn’t lose his brother in combat. Scott was a consummate n’er-do-well, a problem gambler and aggressive Lothario. And the fame and attention lavished on Jaeger pilots only further complicated his worst qualities. Scott was finally drummed out of the service after being reported by Herc for a severe but undisclosed infraction that Herc witnessed in the drift. The nature of what Herc saw in Scott’s memory remains officially undisclosed, but it was sufficiently unsettling to trip up their sortie and leave the Jaeger they were piloting almost destroyed. This episode has been a subject of much shame and guilt on Herc’s behalf for quite some time and it’s something that he remains reliably unwilling to discuss in any detail. Fortunately, by the time Scott had parted ways with Herc, Striker Eureka was being deployed and Herc’s son, Chuck, was old enough to join his father in the conn-pod.

But during the movie itself the news coverage indicated Herc Hansen piloted every Jaeger generation. This seems to be a contradiction until Travis Beacham gives a clarification on it.

He was a test pilot with the program from near-abouts the start (before he got his own Jaeger). Perhaps that’s what the news crawl is referring to.

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