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Taylor Travis[1] is the brother of Hayley Travis and the pilot of Atlas Destroyer. Following the events of Operation Blackout, Taylor and his sister search for their missing parents on the isolated continent of Australia.


Early Life

Taylor was born to the Jaeger pilots Ford and Brina Travis, and was exposed to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps at a young age. Eventually, he became an official Jaeger cadet, completing his pilot certification.[2] As a cadet, he trained under the A.I. Loa, and gained knowledge of Atlas Destroyer.[3]

Pacific Rim: The Black

Operation Blackout

During the evacuation of Australia, Taylor and his sister Hayley are evacuated from Meridian City, and are cornered by a Kaiju. They are saved by their parents piloting the Jaeger Hunter Vertigo, who take them to live in the abandoned PPDC base Shadow Basin. Despite his and Hayley's objections to the departure of their parents, Taylor accepts their departure, promising to look after his sister, believing their parents will eventually come back.[3]

Life in Shadow Basin

In the five years following Operation Blackout, Taylor becomes used to life in Shadow Basin, and is content, believing the outside world to be too dangerous. He also holds onto the belief that his parents will come back. This puts him at odds with Hayley, who wishes to leave Shadow Basin and believes their parents will not return.

Upon discovering Hayley had foregone her chores to give a leaving settler supplies, as well as discovering she had explored outside the Black, Taylor chastises her, resulting in an argument between the two, causing Hayley to leave. Sometime after, a guilt-ridden Taylor sets off to find her, instead discovering she has rediscovered Atlas Destroyer and Loa. After being incidentally paired as pilots, Loa activates a practice session, causing Shadow Basin's alarms to sound.

This has the unfortunate effect of attracting the nearby Kaiju Copperhead. Upon being warned of Copperhead's presence, Taylor and Hayley return to the village, to their horror finding Copperhead destroying Shadow Basin. Upon being pursued by Copperhead, the two siblings return to Atlas, drifting just as Copperhead breaches the base and threw the Jaeger outside. Since Atlas was a training Jaeger, the inexperienced pilot begs Loa for help, who assists them in temporarily subduing the Kaiju. The two return to Shadow Basin, discovering that the entire population has been killed. With nowhere else left to go, Taylor resolves to find their parents.[3]

Return to Meridian City


Clayton City

Known Inconsistencies


  • Taylor and Hayley are unisex given names.
  • As a result of ghost drifting with the memories of Herc Hansen, some of Herc's memories are imprinted onto Taylor's.[4]


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