Thomas Tull is an American businessman and former CEO of Legendary Pictures. He served as one of the executive producers of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim and is credited as a producer for Pacific Rim: Uprising. He was involved in the production of the 2014 remake of Godzilla.[1]


Tull was born in Birmingham, New York to a mother who worked as a dental hygienist. In his youth, Tull was an athlete, playing baseball and football primarily. He earned a football scholarship to a university and graduated from Hamilton College in 1992.[1]

Afterward, Tull abandoned plans to become a lawyer and instead went into business, started a chain of laundromats, followed by financing, buying and selling several tax and accounting offices. He became President of the Convex Group and later Chief of Operations of Tax Services of America. Said firm aided in investments into he entertainment business, which Tull began educate himself on.[1]

In 2003 Tull quit Convex after $600 mill in equity to finance films under Legendary Pictures. After the company entered into a partnership with Warner Brothers Pictures in 2005, Tull became the majority shareholder of Legendary in 2009. A similar deal was made in 2013 with Universal Pictures after the announcement of Legendary's parting with Warner Brothers Pictures.[1]

Tull is a self-declared fanboy of comic books, gamer and several films produced by Legendary Films. Tull arranged to obtain the rights to Watchmen and produced 300 when other studios turned it down. He also founded the short-lived development studio, Bash Entertainment to work on film-to-video game conversions.[1]

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