It was brought to my attention by Mr. Gipsy that images without licence templates would look "more official" (and honestly, likely keep us out of trouble by acknowledging copyright) with a template that denoted their given copyright. So, I went through the trouble of creating a licence template for images from the film that have been uploaded but were never given any licence templates. So, basically, on top of organizing the amass of images we have on this Wikia for the film, for now on whenever you upload an image please use {{Image Legendary}} or the Fair Use Licence template in the dropdown box.

    The template should appear like this on the article's "description" box and not in the Comment box in the "File History" section. If it does, simply resort to editing the image, placing the required gallery tags in the category section and using the aforementioned template above.

    Images used on the website are not public domain because they happen to be hosted on a public website. Everything used on this Wikia that isn't from Wikia itself or user created, is copyrighted to Legendary Pictures or Warner Brothers.


    While it appears we've exasperated the number of articles that need or could be created, there are still crucial aspects of the film that need to be given wikia articles. The trick is knowing what has enough information to warrant an article and what doesn't. I've thought of a few, but if you know of any more, please feel free to add them in your comment(s).


    Now as far as the primary four Jaegers are concerned (Crimson Typhoon, Gipsy Danger, Striker Eureka and Cherno Alpha), there is at least enough information on their weaponry provided by the PPDC website, novelization and the artbook that one could arguably create a decent length page for their weapons (used or otherwise). However, if there are weapons that have been omitted since the finalization of the film (example: Striker Eureka's "Pulse Gauntlet" or Gipsy Danger's "S-11 Pulse Launcher") or can only be summed up in a sentence, its best not to create articles for these weapons either at all or until more information can be provided.


    There's still great deal of things that go unexplored or unexplained elements in Pacific Rim. However, the following, however, are the following subjects that yet to receive articles on the Wikia:

    • Rationing (or Ration Cards)
    • Anti-Kaiju Shelter (or Anti-Kaiju Refuge)
    • War Clock
    • United Nations
      • L. Cole (Representative of Great Britain)
      • L. Taylor (Representative of United States)
    • Bone Slums (i.e., location where shantytowns are built around Kaiju remains)
    • Fong and Tull (location in Hong Kong and where Hannibal Chau's "Kaiju Remedies" is located)


    Based on this question

    Images are typically omitted from articles outside of the gallery for the following reasons:

    • 1): The focus of the article is the text itself. Not unlike, images are almost never added to the core article itself.
    • 2): Wikia users tend to become overzealous and often overcrowd Wikia articles with unnecessary visuals to accompany the articles themselves. In this case, editing article text becomes a freaking nightmare because you have to navigate the difference between the image html and the text itself.
    • 3): The given the length character templates, particularly in short articles, do not compliment or need images to be added to particular articles as it creates an unappealing mess wherein the text it crowded against the template and the image.
    • 4): Only certain exceptions may be made when it comes to placing images articles.
      • The article itself is long and containing enough content that it warrants images without complicating the aesthetic of the article.
      • The images are not placed where the character/location/kaiju/jaeger/etc. template appears in the article.
      • The limit of images that can be added is three and dependent on what scenes need to be focused on.
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