• Hello, Reaper, I am from The Custom Pacific Rim Wikia , and I am inquiring if you might, by any chance be in interested in joining. For we are in need of people like you, with the everlasting passion for Pacific rim. :D

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    • While I have no real business answering for Reaper, I feel it might be prudent to say direct advertising is not allowed on the wiki, even in message boards.

      You CAN, however, formally request affiliation between the two wikis. This would allow easier contact and cross-promotion, effectively allowing the userbases of both wikis to be pooled, refreshing eachother, in the way of symbiosis.

      Again, I do not have the authority to agree or disagree, but in my personal opinion, It might be a good business move for both wikis.

      That being said, you may also want to request affiliation with other prior affiliates of this wiki, considering your currently small userbase on your wiki. You can find a list here.

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    • If im not wrong, we are already affliated. The list could be wrong, however, as the link to the wiki im refering to is linked onto the front page.

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