• EMPIRE Magazine (Uprising Kaiju)

    EMPIRE Magazine shares details on the new Kaiju.

    Here's a transcript of the scan for those who have trouble reading the image:

    "Meet Hakuja, Raijin, and Shrikethorn on the rampage through 2035 MegaTokyo. According to the classification system set up in Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 original, Hakuja (left) and Shrikethorn (right) are Category 4, while Raijin, the big brute in the middle, is a Category 5 badass. “Raijin is bi-pedal, more T-Rex life,” explains visual-effects supervisor Peter Chiang.

    “He’s almost got a Venus-flytrap head that enables him to close up in defense mode. He has the ability to absorb energy from any attack and then use it to power his body to use it as a weapon.” Hakuja, meanwhile, is a “praying-mantis/mole/alligator-type thing that burrows”, and Shrikethorn “has plasma he can fire”. To make things worse for human stars John Boyega and Scott Eastwood, the Kaiju are also sharper. “They are more connected,” says Chiang. If this trend continues, expect Pacific Rim 3 to centre on a Kaiju WhatsApp group. IAN FREER"

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    • Thank you for the scan, SirRicco! I added a transcript to the original post for readability.

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    • Aye Aye, Captain! Not too familiar with Fandom overall, but trying to help either way. 

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