• The Pacific Rim animated series by Netflix is still alive, ladies and gents:

    Legendary Entertainment has revealed that the Pacific Rim animated series will launch on Netflix next year, and will initially run for two seasons.

    Talking at Project Anime, an industry event proceeding Los Angeles’ massive Anime Expo, Legendary Entertainment's executive vice president of brand development and consumer products, Elie Dekel, revealed that Pacific Rim’s first season will begin in 2020 and that the show has been confirmed for two seasons.

    The series will be produced by Legendary in partnership with Tokyo’s Polygon Pictures. “[This is] one of the biggest budget anime series I’ve had the pleasure of working on, and I think that speaks to the commitment of Netflix and Legendary [to anime]” said Dekel.

    The series will tell the story of two siblings who pilot an abandoned Jaeger mech in attempt to find their missing parents. Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson, who have worked on Thor: Ragnarok and X-Men: Evolution respectively, are the anime’s showrunners. SOURCE

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