• Hi Lily,

    I've been inactive here in terms of editing for a little while, hope you've been well.

    I'd like to ask about why Uprising's novel is listed as "non-canon" on the canon policy page. Both the first movie's novelisation and Ascension are listed as "canon, unless contradicted by film or writers", and this is indeed true. The novels tend to be mostly canon, though there are indeed parts which conflict with higher canon, and can individually be discarded. Why doesn't this same principle apply to the Uprising novel? I have not yet read the Uprising novel, but surely it should have the same canon status as the other two novels. Is it intentionally listed as "non-canon"? I'm sure the status of the other two novels should also be applied to it, having it canon unless contradicting the film or writers. These novels contain plenty of extra information not shown in the movies, that add a lot of depth. Most of this additional information doesn't conflict with the movies or writers, and adds a lot to the canon. I am talking about Ascension and the first movie's novel here, though surely Uprising's novel (which I am yet to read) is the same.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Many thanks,


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    • Also, irrelevant to this post but would like to ask, I made essential edits to Eden Assassin back in March that gave a lot more info about the Jaeger. These have since been moved to its own Uprising page. The edit history on the first page shows you reverted my changed, but the text I added in now appears on the Uprising page. Glad it was kept there, as this information was previously not on the Wiki, but the Uprising 'history' page for Eden Assassin shows no previous edit by me. Is this because of how edits are logged on the site when you create a new page? The Uprising page for Eden Assassin didn't exist when I had added the additional info from Ascension. Maybe it's because you reverted my edit to keep the previous original info on Eden, then copy and pasted the text onto its newer Uprising page? If so, I have no problem at all, just want to fully understand what happened, as this may have also happened with other pages I added to, though I have not yet checked.

      Thanks again.

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    • Any chance I could get a response? Especially on the canon policy of the Uprising novel please. Thank you.

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    • I'd greatly appreciate a response, thanks again.

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    • Hey, I'm totally sorry about not getting back to you about this.

      I'm not exactly sure what you mean? From what I can in the history page for Eden Assassin's main article, the changes you made are definitely logged. I definitely moved them to the sub article more or less unchanged.

      The only edits I explicitly deleted from the article were from two users who added fan art and unconfirmed stats information onto the page (or at the very least stats information I couldn't find a verified source for).

      Unless you're referring to that, I don't think any of the information you wrote was erased from the article by my prior actions. If they were, that'd be some kind've hiccup on Wikia's end of things.

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    • Hey Lily, no worries at all it's great to hear back from you, thanks for your time.

      Yeah looking at the history it says my changes were reverted, which makes sense because you wanted to bring the original page back to its prior state. I must have been a little confused at the time because it shows no contribution from my end on Eden's Uprising page, which actually contains the additional info I added. I later realised you simply moved my text to the newly created Uprising sub-article from its original "Pacific Rim" article, which is completely fine. This was also done with some of my additions to other articles that didn't have Uprising pages at the time, such as Reckoner, they were just "migrated" to a newly created Uprising sub-article. That would be why my contributions only appeared in the original pages' history, not the Uprising ones. Thanks for getting back to me.

      Would you be able to take a bit of time to read my original post in this thread regarding the Uprising novel's canon status? Surely it should follow suit with the other two novels, in terms of its canon status. The policy page simply states it as completely non-canon. I look forward to your response. Thanks again for your time, it is much appreciated.

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    • Furthermore the novel is written by Alexander C. Irvine, author of the first PR's novel, which is considered canon (unless contradicted by a higher tier source of canon). Hope to hear back from you soon, thanks.

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    • So, the quick and dirty version is that I’m anticipating the changes that will inevitably appear in the Netflix animated series (when and if it sees the light of day), and in general, I’ve got the sense that the first novelization’s information will slowly become more and more de-canonized through other media productions, and the same can be said about the second film's novelization as well. I haven't got the chance to read it myself (because I can't get a copy at my library), but I'm erring on the side of caution here.

      So, barring the prequel novel about Vik and Jinhai (which hasn't been challenged by anything from Uprising IIRC) and Vanessa (who was a confirmed character by Beacham), I’m trying to get a head start on moving around novel information to novel subpages. I haven’t updated the policy yet to reflect that fact because I wasn’t expecting Real Life to get in the way as much as it has now. So, I’m not ignoring you, I’ve just been caught up with non-internet issues.

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    • Thank you for the response Lily.

      There are already quite a few non-canon parts to the first PR's novelisation, but it still contains plently of canon info too that doesn't contradict the movies, and isn't seen in them. Even Ascension, which as you said is mostly fully canon, has some incorrect info which can easily be discarded. I am also yet to read the Uprising novelisation, but I strongly believe its canon policy should be changed to match that of the other novels. Anything conflicting with the movies can be discarded as non-canon, but the novel will certainly have plenty of additional information which will add to the canon lore. Even if newer content decanonises something in a novelisation, the novelisation would still contain plenty of other non-conflicting info which would remain canon. Will we get to assign the Uprising novelisation the same status as the other two novelisations, canon apart from where it conflicts?

      Thanks again.

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    • Hello Lily,

      I can now confirm for certain that the Uprising novelisation does follow the "canon, unless contradicted by second film or writers" policy. Though I am yet to begin reading this novelisation, I was flicking through it and found this passage:

      "Drones went rogue and attacked in Anchorage, Guam, Lima, Attu… and Santa Monica, where November Ajax burned against the backdrop of the Kaiju bones at the pier."

      Which matches up with November Ajax's known, off-screen fate:

      Once I begin reading the novelisation, I'll update November's page to reflect its destruction in its 'History' section. The novelisation had lore that was explained before being clearly stated by the producer, as with many other bits of lesser known canon info in the other two novelisations. Would greatly appreciate it if you could update the novelisation's canon policy to reflect this, I'm sure there are also countless other bits of canon info in the book that add onto the lore as well.

      Thanks for your time.

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