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A timeline is a chronological list of events that occur within a certain period of time or century. With regard to Pacific Rim: Uprising, several events within the expanded universe occur and give credence to the events that transpire in the film.

The following page serves as both a general order of events and a disambiguation page for all events relating to Pacific Rim: Uprising and its related media. As with all transmedia, conflicts and discrepancies in the canon may arise as a result of production oversight.



Triassic Period
Precursors attempt to colonize Earth and fail. [1]

20th Century

November 10, 1980
Hercules Hansen is born.[2]
January 31, 1989
Aleksis Kaidonovsky is born.[2][3]
June 9, 1989
Hermann Gottlieb is born.[2]


January 19, 1990
Newton Geiszler is born.[2]
February 9, 1991
Sasha Kaidonovsky is born.[2]
December 11, 1998
Raleigh Becket is born.[2]
December 24, 1998
The Wei Tang Brothers are born.[2]

21st Century


April 23, 2003[2][4]
Mako Mori is born.
August 14, 2003
Chuck Hansen is born.[2]
May 2009[note 1]
Jake Pentecost is born.[5]


August 10, 2013 - "The Attack that Changed the World"[6]
Trespasser, an unidentified creature later named "Kaiju", makes landfall in San Francisco.
Trespasser is finally killed after a six-day assault.
The "Kaiju Wars" begin.
February 5, 2014 - Second Attack[7][8]
Second Kaiju Hundun[9] attacks Manila, Philippines.[1]
June 1, 2014 - Third Attack[8]
Kaiju Kaiceph emerges from the breach.
Kaiceph attack hits Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.[1][9]
Kaiceph is killed. Remains relocated via aircraft carrier.[1]
September 2, 2014 - Fourth Attack
Scissure attacks Sydney, Australia.[5]
Chuck Hansen is separated from his mother during the attack.[5]
September 6, 2014 – "A New Dawn for Humanity"[6]
The coalition of the "21 Warrior States" of the Pacific Rim is formed.
The The Pan Pacific Defense Corps. is established.
September 15, 2014 - "To Fight Monsters, We Became Monsters"[6]
The first prototype mech goes into active development.
The Jaeger Program is born.
Unknown Date, 2015
Russian Jaeger, Cherno Alpha, is launched[10][note 2]
Hercules Hansen enlists in the Jaeger Academy.[2]
Wei Tang Brothers enlist in the Jaeger Academy.[2]
Sasha Kaidonovsky enlists in the Jaeger Academy.[2]
Aleksis Kaidonovsky enlists in the Jaeger Academy.[2]
Hermann Gottlieb enlists in the Jaeger Academy.[2]
April 23, 2015 - "Brawler Yukon Makes History"[6]
Brawler Yukon successfully kills the Kaiju codenamed "Karloff" in Vancouver.
December 15, 2015
Mark-1 Jaeger, Romeo Blue, is launched.[11][2]
December 22, 2015
Mark-1 Jaeger, Horizon Brave, is launched.[11][2]
December 30, 2015
Mark-1 Jaeger, Coyote Tango, is launched.[2]
May 15, 2016
Category II Kaiju Onibaba attacks Tokyo.[12]
Mako Mori's parents, Sumako and Masao Mori are killed in Onibaba's rampage.[4]
Coyote Tango is deployed late into Tokyo.[12]
Coyote Tango kills Onibaba, saving Mako's life.[12]
Unknown Date, 2016
Stacker Pentecost is diagnosed with cancer.[1]
Newton Geiszler enlists in the Jaeger Academy.[2]
Reckoner attacks Hong Kong.[13]
Cherno Alpha is deployed in Hong Kong.[13]
Horizon Brave is deployed in Hong Kong.[13]
Horizon Brave kills Reckoner.[13]
Mark-2 Jaeger, Diablo Intercept, is launched.[14]
Mark-2 Jaeger, Puma Real, is launched.[14]
Mark-2 Jaeger, Eden Assassin, is launched.[14]
July 10, 2017
Mark-3 Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, is launched.[15][2]
September 14, 2017
Mark-3 Jaeger, Matador Fury, is launched.[16]
Unknown Date, 2017
Viktoriya Malikova is born.
Yamarashi attacks Los Angeles.[12]
Gipsy Danger is deployed in Los Angeles.[12]
Gipsy Danger kills Yamarashi.[12]
Mark-3 Chinese Jaeger Shaolin Rogue is launched.[17][14]
Mark-3 Australian Jaeger, Vulcan Specter, is launched.[14]
August 22, 2018
Mark-4 Jaeger, Crimson Typhoon, is launched.[18]
Unknown Date, 2018
Kaiju Raythe attacks Tomari, Russia.
|Cherno Alpha kills Raythe.[5]
Pitor Malikova is killed in a chemical accident.[19]
Valentina Krupin is killed during the evacuation of students from Tomari. [19]
Cherno Alpha kills Raythe. [20]
Mark-4 Japanese Jaeger, Echo Saber, is launched.[14]
Mark-4 American Jaeger, Hydra Corinthian, is launched.[14]
Unknown Date, 2019
Chuck Hansen enlists in the Jaeger Academy.[3]
November 2, 2019
Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka, is launched.[21]


Unknown Date, 2020
Amara Namani is born. [22]
Unknown Date, 2021-2025 - "Human Downfall"[6]
The Kaiju had learn and adapt and begin attacking with deadlier iterations of the species.
The number of fallen Jaeger pilots begins to increase as the threat from the Breach rises.
December 21, 2021
Fauxface attacks Santiago, Chile.[7]
Fauxface is killed by Vulcan Specter.[7]
January 2022
Hannibal Chau hosts party in Kowloon.[23]
Five year old Vik is taken to the see the grave of her parents.[19]
Unknown Date, 2024
Kaiju attacks begin to increase.
Vik is led to believe she is the daughter of Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovsky.[24]
Vodyanoi attacks Sakhalin Island, Russia.[24]
Cherno Alpha is deployed in Sakhalin Island.[24]
Eden Assassin is deployed in Sakhalin Island.[24]
Cherno Alpha kills Vodyanoi. [24]
Category III Kaiju Huo Da emerges from the Breach.[17]
Crimson Typhoon’s deployment is delayed to repair coolant system.[17]
Shaolin Rogue is deployed in the Yellow Sea of China.[17]
Crimson Typhoon is deployed in the Yellow Sea of China. Assists Shaolin Rogue.[25]
Crimson Typhoon kills Huo Da over Shanghai city district.[26]
O-Yang Suyin loses her leg in Shaolin Rogue crash.[26]
July 5, 2024
Insurrector attacks the Santa Monica, California.[27]
Amara Namani's family is killed by Insurrector.[27][28]
Hydra Corinthian is deployed in Santa Monica.[29]
Striker Eureka is deployed in Santa Monica.[29]
Amara is rescued from collapsed building by Kai piloting Rogue Jaeger Scrapper.
Insurrector is killed by Hydra Corinthian and Striker Eureka.[30]
Orphaned Amara Namani is taken in by Kai and Hannah.[30]
December 2024
An estimate of thirteen Kaiju attacks since the beginning of the year.[31]
An estimate of six Jaegers destroyed since increase of Kaiju attacks.[31]
Vik meets the Kaiju Organ Harvester Andrei. [31]
December 27, 2024
Mutavore attacks Sydney, Australia.[7]
Vulcan Specter is deployed in Sydney.[7]
Vulcan Specter is destroyed by Mutavore.[7]
Striker Eureka kills Mutavore.[1]
The Anti-Kaiju Wall is proven ineffective against the Kaiju.
December 29, 2024
Vik is offered an opportunity to work with the harvesters.[31]
November 1, 2025
Mark-5 Jaeger Bracer Phoenix is launched.[32]
January 6, 2025 – Christmas Eve (Russian Orthodox)
Vik is gifted a wooden statuette of Cherno Alpha.[33]
Illyana Malikova's (Vik’s grandmother’s) dementia worsens. [33]
January 7, 2025 – Double Event
Category IV Kaiju Leatherback emerges from the Breach.[33]
Category IV Kaiju Otachi emerges from the Breach.[33]
Cherno Alpha is deployed in Victoria Harbour.[33]
Crimson Typhoon is deployed in Victoria Harbour.[33]
Striker Eureka is deployed in Victoria Harbour.[33]
Crimson Typhoon is destroyed by Otachi.[33]
Cherno Alpha is destroyed by Leatherback.[33]
Gipsy Danger kills Leatherback and Otachi.[1]
January 12, 2025 - "Remember Pentecost"[6]
Marshal Stacker Pentecost recruits "the resistance".
The "Battle of the Breach" occurs.
Marshal Stacker Pentecost dies in effort to close the Breach.
January 13, 2025
Vik decides to work with the Kaiju Organ Harvesters.[33]
Unknown Date, January 2026
Hannibal Chau's Kaiju supply is depleted.[23]
Vik begins taking self-defense classes.[34]
Unknown Date, 2029
Vik learns she is not the daughter of the Kaidonovskys.[34]
An excavation accident results in release of Kaiju blood from Vodyanoi corpse.[35]
Vik steals money from Andrei and leaves Sakhalin, Russia with Illyana.[35]


Unknown Date, 2030
Amara is allowed to participate in Ada’s illegal Jaeger race.[36]
Amara is nearly crushed by Sting Blades.[37]
Kai (piloting Scrapper) rescues Amara from Sting Blades.[37]
Amara steals Scrapper to continue participation in the Jaeger race.[37]
Garza, aide to Mech Czar, hijacks Ada’s Jeager race under orders of the Valentin Bronislav.[38]
Garza offers to buy Scrapper from Kai. Kai refuses the offer.[38]
Hannah is killed by Garza.[39]
Garza steals Scrapper.[39]
Amara and Kai work together to stop Garza.[40]
Kai is killed in attempt to disable hijacked Scrapper.[40][41]
Garza is crushed by disabled Scrapper.[40][41]
Unknown Date, 2033
Jinhai sneaks away from home to participate in secret fencing match with a student named Xia.[42]
Jinhai applies to join the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[43]
Xia is sent to Beijing to study medicine.[43]
December 12, 2033
Mark-6 Jaeger Guardian Bravo is launched.[44]
December 20, 2033
Experimental Mark-7 Jaeger, Saber Athena, is launched.[45]
Unknown Date, 2034
Illyana Malikova passes away.[46]
Xia ends relationship with Jinhai.[47]
Vik’s application to the Vladivostok Shatterdome is rejected.[48]
January 12, 2034
Mark-6 Jaeger Gipsy Avenger is launched.[49]
March 2, 2034
Joshua Griffin is breaks into the Santa Monica Scrapyard to steal a Synaptic Capacitor for Mech Czar.[7]
Giovanni Capello's men attacks Santa Monica Scrapyard in effort to retrieve the Synaptic Capacitor.
Dwayne is killed by Giovanni's men.[7][23]
Verma is killed by Giovanni's men.[7][23]
Mech Czar's Los Angeles Headquarters is attacked by Giovanni and his men.[23]
Giovanni Capello is killed by Mech Czar.[12]
Jake Pentecost breaks into Giovanni Capello's mansion in Santa Monica.
Jake Pentecost retrieves Striker Eureka's Drift Core.[7]
Elora Reddy creates a "Home-Grown Kaiju" from Hannibal Chau's and fossilized Kaiju DNA.[12][50]
The Sisters of the Kaiju fail in attempt to assassinate Hannibal Chau.[50]
Xue is killed by Hannibal Chau.[50]
The Baby escapes from Hannibal Chau's lab and attacks the city.[50]
Hawk is killed by Pena.[5]
Pena is killed by the Human-Kaiju Hybrid.[5]
Mech Czar is killed in Rouge Jaeger, Atomic Queen.[51]
"Baby" is killed by Joshua Griffin.[51]
Elora Reddy kills Hannibal Chau.[51]
Unknown Date, 2035 – Akumagami Font Attack
Graduating cadet, Braga is killed during training simulation in Mark-5 Jaeger Chronos Berserker.[52]
Graduating cadet, Vu, is gravely injured during training simulation in Mark-5 Jaeger Chronos Berserker. [52]
Hermann Gottlieb deduces that Chronos Berserker was sabotaged using a Pen Drive issued to cadets.[53]
Ou-Yang Jinhai is suspected as the one responsible for Chronos Berserker’s sabotage.[53]
Hermann Gotlieb deduces another Breach could open within the next two to four months.[54]
Julia Reyes procures tracking data from Mechspace that minimizes suspect list for sabotage of Chronos Berserker.[55]
Jinhai and Vik are abducted by Ysabel Morales.[56]
J-Tech Officer, Jan Sokk, is discovered dead in a toxic waste bin.
Moyulan Island is put on lockdown following the discovery of Sokk’s body.
Morales takes Jinhai and Vik to freighter ship in Philippines Sea.[57]
The Akumagami Front prepare to sacrifice Jinhai and Vik to the Kaiju.[58]
Gipsy Avenger apprehends freighter ship and docks it in Manila.[58]
Ysabel Morales commits suicide.[58]
Gipsy Avenger is able to prevent buried “K-Bomb” from causing major environmental damage. [59]
Joseph Burke leaves the PPDC for the private sector. [60]
Unknown Date, 2035 – Reemergence of the Kaiju[6]
Jake Pentecost and Amara Namani are arrested by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.
Secretary-General Mako Mori conscripts Jake Pentecost and Amara Namani into the PPDC.
Liwen Shao presents the Shao Industries Drone Jaeger project to the PPDC.
Rogue Jaeger Obsidian Fury attacks PPDC Summit in Sydney, Australia.
Secretary-General Mako Mori is killed by Obsidian Fury.
Hermann Gottlieb discovers Newton Geiszler collaboration with the Precursors.
Drone-Jaegers attack multiple Shatterdomes and open several Breaches.
Murder Witch is destroyed by Drone Hybrids.
Titan Redeemer is destroyed by Drone Hybrids.
Valor Omega is destroyed by Drone Hybrids.
Category V Kaiju Raijin, and Category IV Kaiju, Hakuja and Shrikethorn emerge from the Breach.
Bracer Phoenix, Gipsy Avenger, Guardian Bravo, and Saber Athena are deployed in MegaTokyo.
Newton Geiszler is deploys Rippers to merge the Kaiju.
The ”Mega-Kaiju” is created from the forms of Raijin, Hajuka, and Shrikethorn.
Bracer Phoenix is destroyed by the Mega-Kaiju.
Guardian Bravo is destroyed by the Mega-Kaiju.
Saber Athena is destroyed by the Mega-Kaiju.
The Mega-Kaiju heads for Mount Fuji to trigger extinction event.
Gipsy Avenger kills the Mega-Kaiju on summit of Mount Fuji.
Newton Geiszler is arrested by the PPDC.
The PPDC prepare to mount an assault on the Anteverse.

Known Inconsistencies

  • According to, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. was formed September 6, 2014. However, Tales From Year Zero establishes that the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. did not exist until after the September 15, 2014 conference in Seoul, South Korea.[note 3][61]
  • states that the "downfall" of the Jaeger Program began in 2021, however, Pacific Rim establishes the adaptation of the Kaiju against the Jaegers began in 2020 with Knifehead and the destruction of Gipsy Danger.[1]
  • Tales From Year Zero establishes that the Jaeger Program and the construction of the Jaegers does not officially begin until November 2014 with the construction of Brawler Yukon's arm.[61]


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