Titan Redeemer
Titan Redeemer Blueprint
Technical Information
Mark Mark-6
Status Destroyed
Jaeger Specifications
Combat Specifications
Equipment Conn-Pod Chamber[1],
T-21 "Flatfoot" Sentry Treads[1]
Op. System
Energy Core GG-11 Gyro-Core[1]
Weapon(s) M-19 Morning star[1],
EMP Mist Grenade[1]
Body Language
Power Move(s)
Kaiju Killed 1
Out-of-Universe information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim: Uprising
Appeared In (non-canon) Pacific Rim Uprising: The Junior Novel,
Pacific Rim Uprising: Official Novelization

Titan Redeemer is a Mark-6 Jaeger.

Official Description

"Built for brute force and armed with a seismic morningstar, Titan Redeemer is the walking wrecking ball of the new fleet."
—Official Description[2]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Conscripted cadet Amara Namani uses a simulated version of Titan Redeemer in a fight against a simulated Onibaba. The simulated Titan Redeemer is destroyed, ending Amara's simulation run.[3]

During the rogue Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid attack on the Shatterdome, Titan Redeemer is deployed to fight back against the invading force. During the battle, Titan Redeemer's knee and shin are destroyed by a group of swarm missiles.[3]

With its remaining strength, it raises its right arm and decapitates one of the Drones with its wrist-mounted cannon. Retaliating against the Jaeger, one of the hybrids leap onto Titan's Conn-Pod, crushing it and killing the pilots.[3]

During the repairs of the remaining Jaggers, Titan Redeemer's right arm and M-19 Morning Star weapon was retrofitted to Bracer Phoenix to aid in the upcoming battle against the attacking Kaiju.[3]


Titan Redeemer is a Mark-6 Jaeger designed around its primary weapon, the M19 Morning Star. Its function as frontline Jaeger is accentuated by the colors of the Armed Forces vehicle such as the Huey Helicopter.[4]

During the construction of Titan Redeemer, its design was constructed to account for the imbalance created by the M19 Morning Star. Titan Redeemer’s upper body frame is broad and T-framed, which is meant to offset the weight created by the Morning Star which substitutes for a hand.[4]

The M19 Morning Star creates a seismic effect, and its secondary weapon, the EMP Mist Grenade can disrupt electrical signals.[4] Titan Redeemer is powered by a GG-11 Gyro Core, and is equipped with T-21 “Flatfoot” Sentry Treats for its feet.[1] It's M-19 Morning Star weapon was later retrofitted to Bracer Phoenix.[3]

Kaiju Killed

The following is the roster of Kaiju defeated by Titan Redeemer, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Drone Hybrid ?/?/2035 Shatterdome Solo


  • Titan Redeemer's silhouette design was altered in the final film to be more streamlined.[note 1]
  • In an early version of Pacific Rim: Uprising's script, Titan Redeemer was included in the MegaTokyo battle. However, due to budget constraints, the scenario was dropped from the film.[5][note 2]


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