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Titan Redeemer is a Mark-6 Jaeger.

Official Description

"Built for brute force and armed with a seismic morningstar, Titan Redeemer is the walking wrecking ball of the new fleet."
—Official Description[2]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Conscripted cadet Amara Namani uses a simulated version of Titan Redeemer in a fight against a simulated Onibaba. The simulated Titan Redeemer is destroyed, ending Amara's simulation run.[3]

During the rogue Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid attack on the Shatterdome, Titan Redeemer is deployed to fight back against the invading force. During the battle, Titan Redeemer's knee and shin are destroyed by a group of swarm missiles.[3]

With its remaining strength, it raises its right arm and decapitates one of the Drones with its wrist-mounted cannon. Retaliating against the Jaeger, one of the hybrids leap onto Titan's Conn-Pod, crushing it and killing the pilots.[3]

During the repairs of the remaining Jaegers, Titan Redeemer's right arm and M-19 Morning Star weapon was retrofitted to Bracer Phoenix to aid in the upcoming battle against the attacking Kaiju.[3]

Pacific Rim: The Black

At some point, Titan Redeemer was repaired and piloted by the Deacon twins. Titan Redeemer and another Jaeger piloted by Herc Hansen, presumably Striker Berserker, took down a Yamarashi in the Long Beach Engagment.[4][note 1]

Alongside Valor Omega and November Ajax and 23 remote drones, Titan Redeemer's wreckage was found in a massive graveyard near an active breach. After seeing Titan Redeemer, Taylor Travis recalled Herc's memory of fighting Yamarashi alongside the Jaeger.[4]


Titan Redeemer is a Mark-6 Jaeger designed around its primary weapon, the M-19 Morning Star. Its function as frontline Jaeger is accentuated by the colors of the Armed Forces vehicle such as the Huey Helicopter.[5]

During the construction of Titan Redeemer, its design was constructed to account for the imbalance created by the M-19 Morning Star. Titan Redeemer’s upper body frame is broad and T-framed, which is meant to offset the weight created by the Morning Star which substitutes for a hand.[5]

Nearly sixty feet in diameter, the M-19 Morning Star has a superdense liquid-metal core that gives it extra impact, especially when fired from its emplacement on the cable. The hundreds of spikes on the Morning Star lay flat when it's inert, but flare out when deployed, adding damage to the outer armored layers of any target.[6] Titan's secondary weapons include arm-mounted cannons and an EMP Mist Grenade which can disrupt electrical signals.[5] Titan Redeemer is powered by a GG-11 Gyro Core, and is equipped with T-21 “Flatfoot” Sentry Treats for its feet.[1] Its M-19 Morning Star weapon was later retrofitted to Bracer Phoenix.[3]

Kaiju Killed

The following is the roster of Kaiju defeated by Titan Redeemer, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Drone Hybrid ?/?/2035 Shatterdome Valor Omega, Murder Witch
Yamarashi ??? Long Beach Striker Berserker


  • Titan Redeemer's silhouette design was altered in the final film to be more streamlined.[note 2]
  • In an early version of Pacific Rim: Uprising's script, Titan Redeemer was included in the MegaTokyo battle. However, due to budget constraints, the scenario was dropped from the film.[7][note 3]
  • In Japan, Guardian Bravo's weapon was introduced as "Electromagnetic Pulse Mist Grenade" (電磁パルス・ミスト・グレネード) instead of 21 X-9 Core Salvo Charges. This might have been a confusion with Titan Redeemer's EMP Mist Grenade.
  • In the opening sequence for Pacific Rim: The Black, all the Jaegers being flown in appear to all be using Titan Redeemer's animation model.


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  1. While not specifically identified as Striker Berserker, Herc's records in "Escaping Bogan" state that he has only ever piloted Lucky Seven, Striker Eureka and Striker Berserker.
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  3. @stevendeknight: "Titan in original script was part of Tokyo battle. Never shot, cut for budget."