MegaTokyo[2][3] is a city in Japan and the location of three major Kaiju attacks in 2035.[1]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

The city of MegaTokyo is besieged by three Kaiju, Shrikethorn, Raijin, and Hakuja, who emerged from several artificially-created breaches facilitated by hybrid Jaegers. The Mark-6 Jaegers Gipsy Avenger and Guardian Bravo, Mark-7 Saber Athena, and Mark-5 Bracer Phoenix are deployed to fight them.

They immediately engage against each other, wrecking much of the city as a result. For a time, the Jaegers hold their own and start to win against the Kaiju. However, when Newton Geiszler released the Rippers to fuse their bodies together to create the "Mega-Kaiju", the Kaiju gained the upper hand.

The Mega-Kaiju, towering above the city, reengaged the Jaegers and bested them, destroying much of the city during the battle. Following the battle, where Gipsy Avenger was the only Jaeger left standing, the Mega-Kaiju left the city and headed towards Mount Fuji to kill itself and trigger the Ring of Fire.



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