Tokyo Bay (東京湾 Tōkyō-wan?), formerly Edo Bay (江戸湾 Edo-wan?), is a bay located in the southern Kantō region of Japan, and spans the coasts of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture. It was the location of two major Kaiju attacks in 2016.[1][2]


Tokyo Bay Attack

June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016, the Kaiju Itak emerged from the Breach and entered the Tokyo Bay. The Jaegers, Tacit Ronin and Coyote Tango, were sent out to prevent its entry into the city. Itak ambushes Tacit Ronin and pierces its nuclear reactor with its horn, nearly killing the pilots in the process. While Coyote Tango intervenes and prevents the Jaeger's destruction, it's eventually overpowered during the fight. Tacit Ronin's pilots, Kaori and Duc Jessop recover from a blackout long enough to charge the Kaiju and cut it in half before losing consciousness again.[1]

July 5, 2016

Two weeks following the Itak attack, a Category II Kaiju, Ragnarok, entered the Tokyo Bay. Victory Alpha, stationed at the Tokyo Shatterdome, was sent out to defend the city from Ragnarok in place of the damaged Coyote Tango and Tacit Ronin. Despite its best efforts, Victory Alpha was destroyed. Injured pilots, Kaori and Duc Jessop, volunteered to defend city in a damaged Tacit Ronin. While they were able to kill Ragnarok, they're killed by a neural overload.[2]



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