"When we were in that Conn-Pod, me and Zachery, we never felt so strong."
—Joshua Griffin[1]

Tyler Zachery is an officer and Ranger of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[1] He was the co-pilot of the Mark-3 Jaeger Vulcan Specter.


Pan Pacific Defense Corps

Following Zachery's graduation from the Jaeger Academy, he is assigned to the Mark 3 Jaeger, Vulcan Specter with Joshua Griffin.[1] December 12, 2021, Zachery and Griffin are deployed in Santiago, Chile to stop a Two-headed Kaiju.

At the height of the Jaeger Program's success, Zachery and Griffin are promoted to the public like stars. Across the span of their career as pilots, the two are sent out on five engagements and earn three Kaiju kills.[1]

Mutavore Incident

December 27, 2024, Zachery and Griffin are sent out against the Category IV Kaiju, Mutavore in Sydney, Australia. During the battle Vulcan Specter is overpowered by Mutavore, who tears the Jaeger apart. The aftermath of their fight with the Kaiju presumably resulted in the retirement of Vulcan Specter, who's remains were sent to the Santa Monica Scrapyard.[1]





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