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"Up and Running" is the fourth episode of Pacific Rim: The Black, and the fourth episode in the series overall. It debuted on Netflix March 4, 2021.


Shane and the members of Bogan take custody of the Atlas Destroyer. However, their drift tech can't find a candidate to match with to get it up and running. Can the Travis siblings find a way to escape with their Jaeger?


Taylor wakes up, being transported by the members of Bogan. They return to Meridian City to retrieve Atlas Destroyer for themselves. Shane tells everyone to hurry because the mysterious "Biomech" was spotted in the area. Taylor fears that they've lost their Jaeger as well as any hopes of finding their parents in Sydney.

Hayley is confident they'll get their chance to escape when they need to move Atlas. However, Shane pairs his science advisor Joel with several of his soldiers and each of them fails the neural handshake. At the same time, the Copperhead Kaiju returns to finish the fight. Shane takes Hayley and the hostage while Taylor is tasked with moving the Jaeger with Mei. Mei struggles with recalling her past in the drift, making it difficult to connect with Taylor. She's forced to relive it all with Taylor alongside her, so they can finally move Atlas.

They fight together but are unable to defeat the Copperhead. They lead it back toward Bagon where several mines are detonated, knocking it unconscious. Mei is punished for the results of the conflict. Joel the drift tech is mentally scarred, six hundred mines were blown and the Atlas is missing an arm. Taylor takes responsibility and Shane threatens to kill him as a result. Mei threatens to leave unless the kids are allowed to.

Shane reluctantly allows Taylor, Hayley, and the boy to leave, but he reminds Mei that their business isn't finished.


Voice Character
Gideon Adlon Hayley Travis
Calum Worthy Taylor Travis
Erica Lindbeck Loa
Victoria Grace Mei
Andy McPhee Shane
Leonardo Nam Rickter
Martin Klebba Spyder
Vincent Piazza Joel