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The Uprising Wars[1] was the second conflict between humanity and the Precursors. Fought between the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and the Kaiju, the war presumably began following the creation and use of Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrids against the PPDC in 2035, and the recreation of the Breach.


Initial Conflict

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Aftermath, and Invasion of Austraila

Breachs began opening all across the continent of Austraila. During the invasion of Australia several clones of old kaiju were sent through, including Leatherbacks, Slatterns, and Mutavores. The known jaegers who took part in this were Titan Redeemer, Valor Omega, Striker Berserker, Horizon Bravo, Marauder Zeus, Hunter Vertigo, Chaos Nemesis, November Ajax, along with 23 total remote controlled jaegers. One of these drones would go on to become known as Apex, who would use Australia as it's personal hunting grounds.

At some point, November Ajax, Titan Redeemer, Valor Omega, Horizon Bravo, Chaos Nemesis, along with multiple drones met their end and their remains along with the remains of several Leatherbacks, Slatterns, and Mutavores were later seen in the boneyard where Apex resided.

Operation Blackout

Before Operation Blackout was put into action, Striker Berserker engaged against a Acidquill which killed the co-pilot, the remaining pilot activated the solo piloting system and managed to killed the Acidquill but Striker Berserker had then fallen over because of the weight of the Acidquill's corpse falling on top of it. The jaegers Hunter Vertigo and Marauder Zeus went to Meridain City a bit before Operation Blackout was put into action. The pilots of Hunter Vertigo were there for personal reasons being that a bus with people on it had yet to make it out and their children were onboard, while Marauder Zeus was only there to just kill some kaiju. Hunter Vertigo fought and killed the Meridain City Kaiju, by freezing it and shattering it with it's own barb. Before Hunter Vertigo picked the bus up to get the people in it to safety, the pilots witness Operation Blackout begin as they see the satellite array that was above Australia begin falling down to the ground.

An Acidquill then tried to attack Hunter Vertigo before it was put down by Marauder Zeus, before telling them to get moving. Unfortunately for Marauder Zeus right after telling Hunter Vertigo to get going, a second Acidquill ambushed them from behind and pierced through Marauder Zeus's back with it's tail. Marauder Zeus tells them to go and get the people to safety, while trying to hold the Acidquill at bay. Marauder Zeus's guns fail to kill the second Acidquill or even keep it at bay, and the kaiju then leaps onto Marauder's shoulders before it crushed the conn-pod causing a explosion killing the pilots along with the Acidquill, which dies from both the small explosion and Marauder's headless corpse falling on top of it. By the time Hunter Vertigo reached Shadow Basin, the base that was there had already been buried. Their jaeger's computer, Root, detects a third Acidquill coming straight for them which came through another breach, and it had followed them there and attacked them. It had managed to damage one of Hunter Vertigo's cryo cannons, which the pilots used as a club before firing a nuclear missile at the Acidquill. Which the Acidquill deflects back at the survivors but the pilots managed to grab the missile before the missile could hit then before shoving it right back into the Acidquill's face, and the resulting explosion killed it and destroyed the arm that had shoved the nuke back at it. The pilots of Hunter Vertigo tell the survivors that they should all stay at Shadow Basin until they come back with help.