Jaeger Jumphawks

V-50 Jumphawks carry Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger toward the Breach.

The V-50 Jumphawk is a VTOL twin rotor aircraft used in Jaeger deployment. Jumphawks work in groups, travel long distances and safely drop individual Jaegers into battles.[1]


When Jaeger Strike Groups are required to move out from the Shatterdome, certain Jaegers are airlifted from their respective bays by Jumphawks. Jaegers, connected to a system of harnesses that attach to their shoulders, are carried to their destination using eight Jumphawks, four for each shoulder to balance out the weight of the Jaeger transported.[1]

Depending on the distance of the location, Jumphawks will enter the area nearest to the Kaiju attack and may deploy the Jaeger in a location ahead of the Kaiju if it has already breached the Miracle Mile and entered the city.[2]


  • Jumphawks strongly resemble the Boeing CH-47 Chinook.
  • In Pacific Rim, each of the surviving Jaegers is seen being transported by 8 of these Chinook-like helicopters. In reality, this type of aircraft has a cargo lift capacity of 12.7 metric tons. This means a combined 8 helicopters could lift no more than 101.6 metric tons. Realistically, it would be impossible for a non-composite metal machine the size of a Jaeger to be lifted by 8. For example, Gipsy Danger weighs 1,980 tons, over 19 times the maximum lift capacity.
  • Rotor disc loading, assuming a 50,000 lb Jumphawk, is almost 100 pounds per square foot, more than 4 times that of the V-22 Osprey.
  • Jumphawks likely have a range in excess of 2000 miles, as shown during Operation Pitfall, where they seem to have flown nonstop from Hong Kong to Challenger Deep.
  • Jumphawks may also carry Jaegers (and any of their detached limbs found) back to their shatterdomes once the Kaiju(s) are defeated.



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