Vanessa Gottlieb is the wife of Hermann Gottlieb.


Early Life

Vanessa is a English-born citizen of Black-biracial descent.[5] She was an awkward looking young woman before growing into her features. As an adult, Vanessa begins working as a professional model.[3]

Relationship with Hermann Gottlieb

At some point in time, Vanessa met German scientist Hermann Gottlieb and the two were later married. Vanessa's relationship with Hermann is such that she is considered his equal in "wit and capacity".[6]


Prior to 2035, Vanessa befriends the likes of Ysabel Morales, a former Pan Pacific Defense Corps K-Scientist who is contracted by the reformed PPDC to aid Hermann in the investigation of a sabotaged Jaeger.[1] The Gottliebs and Morales often met in outside professional affairs. Hermann thinks to invite Morales to dinner, but remembers to ask Vanessa before offering.[note 1]



  1. "[...]He did empathize with her, but of course there was a lot to do. I was good to see her, but at work there was - work. Should he invite her over? He would have to check with his wife first, of course, but he might at least suggest a more social, after-hours setting if she needed more emotional support."


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