Vodyanoi is a Kaiju of an undetermined Category.[1]


Vodyanoi's physical appearance is likened to that of a "puffed-up toad", large, and seemingly overweight. Similar to Otachi, Vodyanoi has acidic saliva that can eat through the alloy of a Jaeger.[1]


In 2024, Vodyanoi emerges from the Breach, and attacks the East Coast of Sakhalin island. Two Jaegers, Cherno Alpha, and Eden Assassin, are sent out to the island to stop it.[1]

During the fight, Vodyanoi is able to use its salvia to incapacitate Eden Assassin and kill its pilots. Cherno Alpha retaliates, and uses a drifting iceberg approaching the capital of Sakhalin, to beat Vodyanoi to death.[1]



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