Striker Eureka's Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher.

The WMB2x90 Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher[1] was a primary weapon of the Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka.[2]


The Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher was a six-barreled missile launcher housed in the chest of Striker Eureka. Each barrel has a capacity of three rounds, making for a total of eighteen shots. The Anti-Kaiju Missiles, K-Stunner rockets, are designed to burrow into the skin of the Kaiju and explode for maximum effect.[3][4] The Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher is one of Striker Eureka's most effective weapons after its Sting Blades.


When the Category IV Kaiju Mutavore broke through the Anti-Kaiju Wall in Sydney, Striker Eureka was deployed to combat the creature. Near the end of the battle, Striker Eureka activated its missile launcher and fired a full salvo, killing the Kaiju.[2]

During the Hong Kong Incident, Striker Eureka intended to use its AKM to kill Otachi. However, the Jaeger was crippled by Leatherback's EMP attack. The missile launcher is later severely damaged in the fight against the Category V Kaiju Slattern during Operation Pitfall, rendering it unusable.[2]


  • When disabled by electromagnetic attacks, Striker Eureka's missile launcher remains open and exposed to attack.[2]




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