The Hong Kong Shatterdome's War Clock.

"The War Clock. We reset it after every Kaiju attack."
Stacker Pentecost to Raleigh Becket[1]

The War Clock[1] is a digital clock face housed in Shatterdomes. They keep a physical record of Kaiju attacks occurring around the Pacific Rim in the form of a numbered countdown.[1]


The War Clock maintains an otherwise accurate record of the number of Kaiju attacks using war statistics accumulated from the LOCCENT Mission Control. The War Clock monitors the number of years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes that have passed since the last Kaiju attack. It is reset after an attack is dealt with and doubles as a source of motivation to keep officers within the Shatterdome focused on their respective objectives.


By 2025, the War Clock was maintaining an accelerated number of Kaiju attacks taking place across the Pacific Rim. Upon Raleigh Becket's arrival to the Hong Kong Shatterdome, the clock had been reset shortly after the Mutavore attack in Sydney, Australia.

According to Stacker Pentecost, individuals who maintain the record of Kaiju attacks (presumably K-Science officers such as Hermann Gottlieb) speculated that the next Kaiju attack would occur in a week or less.

After the success of Operation Pitfall, and the destruction of the Breach, the War Clock was finally stopped and reset to zero, signalling the end of the Kaiju War. [1]




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