Yamarashi is a Category III Kaiju.


Little is known about Yamarashi's biology. According to Newton Geiszler, Yamarashi is one of the largest Category III Kaiju to emerge from the Breach, although Knifehead apparently surpassed this record, according to Raleigh Becket in 2020. Judging by the tattoo on Newton Geiszler's forearm, it can be assumed Yamarashi was green, had a long, flat snout and four eyes.


Yamarashi makes land on the Long Beach Waterfront and destroys the RMS Queen Mary, breaking the luxury cruiser in half. Proceeding across Long Beach, Yamarashi eventually makes its way into the city, smashing through Queenway Bridge and cutting a path through Terminal Island.[1]

In a move to counter Yamarashi's path, Gipsy Danger and another Jaeger are deployed into the mouth of the Los Angeles River. When their partner's missile barrage does nothing to harm the Kaiju, Raleigh and Yancy Becket are forced to take over the fight.[1]

Gipsy Danger forces Yamarashi through the port of Long Beach toward Harbor Freeway. During the battle, Gipsy Danger gains the upper hand and uses a cargo crane wire to behead the Kaiju. In the aftermath of Yamarashi's death, its body is gradually removed from Los Angeles using bulldozers and dumped into the Channels. A new cargo terminal was rebuilt where it was killed.[1]


  • Yamarashi was the first Kaiju killed by Gipsy Danger.
  • Newton Geiszler has a tattoo of Yamarashi on his left arm.[2]
  • "Yama arashi" is a Habukareta Waza Judo throwing technique, presumably meaning "mountain storm" or "porcupine".[3]


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