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Raleigh: "Who is that, Yamarashi?"
Newton: "Oh, this little Kaiju? Yeah, you got a good eye."
Raleigh: "My brother and I took him down in 2017."
Newton: "You know he was one of the biggest Category III’s ever? He was two thousand five hundred tons of awesome."
—Raleigh Becket and Newton Gesiszler

Yamarashi is a Category III Kaiju.


According to Newton Geiszler, Yamarashi is one of the largest Category III Kaiju to emerge from the Breach, weighting 2,500 tons. Knifehead would later surpass this record in 2020.[note 1][1]

Based on Newton's forearm tattoo, it can be assumed Yamarashi was green, appeared to hunch, and sported scales akin to a fish. He had a long, flat snout, pointed claws, and four eyes sunk deep into his face.[1][2]

Further details offered by Newton's tattoo is a crest of spikes behind its head, blunted teeth, and its lower jaw is adorned with tendrils that resemble a beard.[2]


Pacific Rim

In 2017 Yamarashi fought the Mark-3 Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, and was killed.[1] Eight years later, on an elevator ride down into the Shatterdome, Raleigh Becket rightly identifies the tattoo of Yamarashi on Newton Geiszler's left forearm.

Raleigh admits to killing the Kaiju alongside his late brother, Yancy Becket. Newton insensitively repeats Yamarashi's details and calls the Kaiju awesome without consideration to Raleigh's feelings.[1]


  • According to the novelization of Pacific Rim, Yamarashi is Gipsy Danger's first Kaiju battle.
  • Yamarashi is the first record breaking Category III Kaiju fought by Gipsy Danger. The second was Knifehead.
  • "Yama arashi" is a Habukareta Waza Judo throwing technique, presumably meaning "mountain storm" or "porcupine".[3]


  1. Raleigh Becket: "Kaiju’s Category III, biggest one yet. Code name: Knifehead."