Yamarashi is a Category III Kaiju. It attacks the city of Los Angeles in 2017.[1]


Yamarashi is a flat nosed Kaiju with a wide mouth and jagged rows of teeth akin to that of a shark. Situated behind its head are a crest of spiky bone that resemble lotus petals.


Pacific Rim: Aftermath

Yamarashi emerges from the Breach, and enters the city of Los Angeles. It makes its way into Central Los Angeles where it's killed by Gipsy Danger. Its corpse presumably falls on the Capitol Records building, where it rotted away.

Following its demise, Yamarashi's skeleton is converted into a temple by the Sisters of the Kaiju, drawing patronage from other Kaiju religions, and tourists.

Pacific Rim: The Black

Herc Hansen and the Deacon twins participated in the Long Beach Engagement, where they fought and killed Yamarashi.[3][note 1]


  • According to Pacific Rim Yamarashi was one of the largest Category III Kaiju recorded before the emergence of Knifehead in 2020.


  1. Taylor Travis: “Wait. Titan? I knew the pilots. We took down Yamarashi in the Long Beach Engagement.”


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