Yeye Choi
Yeye Choi
Biographical Information
Name Yeye Choi
Born Unknown
Death August 10, 2013[1][2]
Cause of Death Exposure to Kaiju Blood
Citizenship American
Family Tendo Choi (grandson)[1]
Physical Description
Hair Brunette (graying)
Eyes Brown
Career Information
Occupation Unknown
Ranger No.
Strike Group
Jaegers piloted
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero
Appeared In (non-canon)
Voice Actor(s)

Yeye Choi is the grandfather of Tendo Choi. He lived in Chinatown, San Francisco when the Trespasser attacked.


Tales From Year Zero

When Tendo left the ferry to get his grandfather, Yeye appeared to be unaware of the creature rampaging through the city. As his grandson struggles to get him out of the apartment he lives in, the Trespasser, and the fighter jets attacking it, have already reached his block. Yeye and Choi make for his car. In the process of their escape, the blood of the Kaiju rains down on Yeye as he climbs into the car. Tendo is successful in getting them to the docks, but finds the area deserted with no alternate means of escape.[1]

Yeye asks his grandson a question, Tendo tells him they have to wait for help as more fighter jets fly overhead. Another ferry arrives in time to get them away from the city as the bombardment against the creature becomes more aggressive. Yeye begins to feel ill and starts to cough. Tendo is unable help his grandfather, unaware the exposure to the Kaiju’s blood is killing him. Before he dies, Yeye tells his grandson to “endure this”. Yeye dies in Tendo’s arms as Trespasser is killed with nuclear weapons.[1]


  • "Yeye" means "grandfather" in Chinese.[3][4]


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