Jake Pentecost Profile
名稱 傑克·潘達考斯特
綽號 傑克
Cause of Death
家庭 Unnamed Mother,
Stacker Pentecost (father, deceased),
Mako Mori (adoptive sister)
Physical Description
頭髮 褐色
眼睛 褐色
Career Information
職業 Black market dealer
Ranger No.
Strike Group
Affiliations 泛太平洋防衛軍團 (Formerly)
使用機甲戰士 吉普賽復仇者
搭檔 奈特·藍伯
C.O. Mako Mori
Series information
正傳中出現 Pacific Rim Uprising: Ascension,
非正傳中出現 Pacific Rim Uprising: The Junior Novel,
Pacific Rim Uprising: Official Novelization
演員 約翰·波耶加

傑克·潘達考斯特(Jacob "Jake" Pentecost)[note 1][note 2][1]環太平洋系列中的角色史塔克·潘達考斯特的兒子,森真子的弟弟(非親弟弟). A former officer in the 泛太平洋防衛軍團, he is conscripted back into the organization in 2035 at the risk of being sent to prison, to co-pilot 吉普賽復仇者 with 奈特·藍伯.


Early Life编辑

Jake Pentecost is born from the relationship shared between his father, Stacker Pentecost, and his mother, Stacker's "first love". Stacker's presumably raises Jake alongside his adopted daughter, Mako Mori, a survivor of the May 2016 Kaiju attack in Tokyo, Japan.[2]

Stacker's relationship with Jake is a strained one, with Stacker focusing all of his attention and care on Mako. Because Stakcer placed all of his "hope and attention" on Mako and not him, Jake and Stacker's relationship falls apart. They fall out of touch, Jake estranging himself to his surviving family.[2]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps.编辑

At an undetermined time, Jake joins the restructured Pan Pacific Defense Corps to become a 機甲獵人 pilot. During that time, he met Nate Lambert, another aspiring pilot. However, burdened with the expectations to honor his father's legacy, Jake chooses to abandon the organization and his friend.[2][3]

Pacific Rim: Uprising编辑

In 2035, Jake turns to a life of crime as a black market dealer. He makes a profit off of the parts of the original Jaegers that remain in destroyed areas of the Template:Wiki where the poor remain to live. During his self-exile, he lives in a mansion destroyed in a Kaiju attack that cut it in half.[2][3]

At some point, he meets Amara Namani, a young woman looking for parts for her self-built "Jaeger". Their actions eventually lead them to arrest and face-to-face with Mako Mori, who presents Jake and Amara with the choice of going to prison or cooperate with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps to train with their cadets to become Jaeger pilots and honor their father's legacy. At the same time, Jake faces Nate Lambert, with whom he must pilot Gipsy Avenger with.[2][3]






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  1. Screenshot from a February 2017 post that has since been deleted
  2. John Boyega: "I am playing Jacob Pentecost, who is kind of like the prodigal son of Stacker Pentecost," Boyega said. "Now he's faced with rejoining the PPDC [Pan Pacific Defense Corps] and trying to help the fight against the Kaiju again. But it's gonna be in a different way this time."